1982* SE
Based in Gässemåla, Sweden


Exhibitions (selected)

Solo presentation at Last Resort, Copenhagen, 2020

Duo presentation at Glendale Residency, Melbourne, 2019

Group exhibition: Brunswick Sculpture Center, Melbourne, Australia, 2018
Solo presentation at Last Resort, Copenhagen, 2018
Group exhibition: Tutti Frutti Biennale, Sikås, 2018

Group exhibition: Koldinggade 12, cut´rated by Pernille Kapper William, 2017
Group exhibition: The Island of Blossoming trees, Rosengård, curated by Petter Dahlström/Alta Art Center, 2017

Group exhibition: 'Prospect, Retrospect, Additions, Subtractions and Divisions', Last Resort, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016
Solo presentation, da Vinci's, Daylesford, Australia, 2016
Group exhibition: 'Kitchen Midden' curated by Anne Low and Gareth Moore, Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver BC, Canada, 2016
Solo presentation, '13 true stories', Last Resort, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016
Group exhibition: 'Going Public' curated by Janus Høm at Toves, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016

Group exhibition: 'Conflicting evidence'
at 1857, Oslo, Norway, 2015
Group exhibition: DOMA Nordic,
Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
Group exhibition: Hotels at Loyal Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015
Group exhibition: 'Kälen' with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Natsuko Uchino at Last Resort Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015

Performance: 'Sauna Sibylla'
with Rasmus West at Västerbottens Museum, Umeå, Sweden, 2014
Group exhibition: 'Lumba Kuda' curated by Kah Bee Chow, Penang, Malaysia, 2014; online version at Window, Aukland, New Zeeland, 2014
Solo presentation: 'Happy as a Herring', MODEL, Vancouver BC, Canada, 2014
Performance: 'Loose Hotties'
with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center of Portland, USA, 2014
Solo presentation
with Ingemar Svensson at Växjö konsthall, Växjö, Sweden, 2014

Solo presentation
: 'Reciprocal Action' at Gallery Henningsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013
Group exhibition: 'Next to perplex you' curated by Jan Verwoert, Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna, Austria, 2013
Solo presentation at Boiler Room, Oslo, Norway, 2013
Duo show with Henrik Eriksson at Toves Salon - Charlottenborg Temporary Exhibition Space, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013

Group exhibition: 'Foreign Figs for Florence' curated by Dingum during the open days of Villa Romana, Florence, Italy, 2012
Solo presentation at Nässjö Konsthall, Nässjö, Sweden, 2012
Solo presentation at Vetlanda Museum, Vetlanda, Sweden, 2012

Group exhibition at Kunstverein Röderhof, curated by Valerie Prekär, Germany, 2011
Solo presentation at Landings Project Space, Vestfossen, Norway, 2010
Solo presentation at Valerie Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany, 2010
Group exhibition: 'Normal Painting', curated Ritter & Staiff, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2009
Solo presentation at Galleri Andersson Sandström, Umeå, Sweden, 2009
Group exhibition: 'Kunsthalle Kluge Männer #2', curated by Max Brand, Berlin, Germany, 2009
Group exhibition: 'The Kirchner Show', Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany, 2008
Group exhibition: 'Kunsthalle Kluge Männer', curated by Max Brand, Leipzig, Germany, 2008
Group exhibition: 'What ever happend to social democracy': Roseum, group project curated by Sören Grammel and Jan Verwoert, Malmö, Sweden, 2006


Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå, Sweden, MFA, 2003 – 2009
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Professor: Willem De Rooij, 2007 – 2008
Örebro College of Fine Arts, Sweden, 2002 – 2003
Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland, Professor: Leon Tarasewicz, 2001 – 2002

Grants & Scholarships

PICA residency program, Perth Australia, 2016
The Swedis Art Council, 2-years working grant, 2015
IASPIS, International cultural exchange for DOMA, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
Länskulturen, Östersund for Artist Talks, 2014
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, one year working grant, 2012
IASPIS, International cultural exchange for Foreign Figs for Florence, 2012
Ricklundstipendiet, residence grant at Ricklundgården, Saxnäs, Sweden, 2011
Georg Suttner’s Foundation, 2009
Regionförbundet Södra Småland, 2008
IASPIS, International cultural exchange, guest student for Willem De Rooij, 2007
ERASMUS, Städelschule, 2007
Film i Västerbotten, 2007
Markussens Foundation, 2006
Roland Kempe Foundation, 2005
Tingsryd Culture Scholarship, 2001


The Danish Arts Foundation, Denmark
Kronobergs läns Landsting, Sweden
Smålands Museum, Sweden
Tingsryds kommun, Sweden
Växjö kommun, Sweden
Ricklundmuseet, Sweden
Galleri Andersson Sandström collection, Sweden
Västerbottens läns landsting, Sweden
Umeå kommun, Sweden
Vetlanda kommun, Sweden
IKSU, Umeå, Sweden
Rodowo art collection, Poland

Publications (selected)

Art Viewer, Magni Borgehed at Last Resort, 2016
Mousse Magazine, Magni Borgehed at Last Resort, 2016
Cura Magazine, Magni Borgehed at Last Resort, 2016
Kunstkritikk, Mirror morror on the wall... by Mathias Kryger, 2016
Art Viewer, Going Public at Toves, 2016
Contemporary Art Daily, "Omellete" at 1857, 2015
Art Viewer, Conflicting Evidence at 1857, 2015
Texte zur Kunst, Nach alle seiten offen, Kolja Reichert, 2014
Frieze Magazine blog, Highlights 2013 by Elvia Wilk


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